Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often the most important asset of a business operating in technological fields. Our firm insures that your IP is always protected, both within the business in its contractual relationships with others.


To be part of the YULEX team, you must be passionate about technology! Our firm negotiate licences and distribution agreements for its clients and insures the promotion and protection of their technologies and the know-how which sets them apart.

Commercial and Contractual Litigation

YULEX assists its clients when things go well, but also in times of crisis. Our team will assist you no matter what the problem may be: a shareholder’s dispute, contractual disagreements or the protection of intellectual property, etc.

Taxation and Planning

YULEX offers a variety of services in fiscal matters and financial planning: corporate restructuring, creation of trusts, estate planning, mandates in case of incapacity, proxies and litigation involving the tax authorities are only some of the services we offer.

Business Law

YULEX is a firm specializing in business law and focused on small to medium businesses. Our firm will support, assist and follow you wherever your business may take you.

Business Persons

We assist business persons of all levels, officers, shareholders and high ranking employee alike. Whether your needs relate to fiscal or estate planning or involves a dispute between shareholders, our team is there for you.


From the incorporation of businesses to their mergers and acquisition; from national sales to overseas deployment; from restructuring to business transfers; from crowdfunding to traditional financing and from a supply contracts to employment agreements, Yulex does it all and more.