Startups Zone

From Inception

In this fast-paced world where things tends to become more complex, YULEX has developed efficient and accessible legal solutions for entrepreneurs and their Startups.

For the past 15 years, YULEX’s attorneys have been offering training sessions, workshops, as well services geared for specific needs of Startups, and Yulex’s “Startups Zone” was created for this purpose.

The “Startups Zone” is a combination of legal packages, which include Strategic annual follow-ups, “DNA corporate documentation”, monthly “Techno Breakfasts” and networking information. Each start-up client chooses the package combination that best suits his or her business; each is created to be adaptable to the needs of each business.

In addition, the entrepreneurs who adhere the Startups Zone services are offered the opportunity to use our conference rooms and even some workspace for a time.

Guidance and Assistance

YULEX offers entrepreneurs legal and strategic follow ups at all stages of business development:

✓ The Inception ✓ The Financing ✓ The Growth
✓ The Operations ✓ The Sale ✓ The Acquisitions

Given that, for modern entrepreneurs, the objective is often to give life to their business plan, to grow their business and to either operate it or sell it, YULEX has built a team that can intervene at any stages, whatever the direction taken. Our success stories are even comprised of entrepreneur who began their business dreams in a family’s garage and these dreams have now grown into important businesses, employing several dozen employees and conducting business around the world.

Our prime objective is to insure that entrepreneurs reach their full potential and are given the proper tools to see their business reach their full business potential, even if it starts in the family’s garage.

No Limitations

YULEX is affiliated with Interlegal ( an international network of over 40 business oriented law firms, who pool their resources to offer each clients a wide range of quality legal services, around the globe.

It is a rare occurrence when a modern Startups’ activities are limited or destined exclusively to our Province. With Interlegal, YULEX reaches across the world. Whether it be to obtain a licence or a patent, incorporate a subsidiary, to adapt a distribution agreement to foreign laws or carry out the transfer of technology, YULEX is with you, without limitations, wherever your business may take you.

There is more…

“DNA corporate documentation” is a tool developed by YULEX’s attorneys to help you identify, list and organise a businesses’ key documents, which is almost inevitably requested by financial institutions, investors and strategic partners alike, particularly within the context of a due diligence verification. Having your own “DNA Corporate Documentation” allows you to better prepare for this eventuality and master the knowledge based strategies which are instrumental to the establishment of clear and effective communication with other business owners, investors and financial institutions.

Also, the YULEX’s Techno Breakfasts are offered on a monthly basis at our offices. A dozen or so business owners gather at these breakfasts, and discuss common interests (ex.: letters of intent, option plans, employees v. consultants, financing, licences, etc.).  You can sign up at:

Yulex has developed Legal Packages which can be adapted to your circumstances, your experience and your needs.  This approach allows us to offer you the flexible and adaptiveness solutions to your each businesses’ needs.  These packages will allow you to choose your businesses’ cruising speed.  For more information contact: .

Here are some examples of the Legal Packages, which are available at fixed price:

  • The Tactical Package provides for a 2 hour clinic.
  • The Strategic Package includes the DNA Corporate Documentation, strategic follow-ups and updates or corporate records.
  • The 5-10-15 Package offers a legal fee time bank you can use at will.
  • The Startups + includes the Strategic Package as well as an incorporation and a shareholders agreement.
  • The Startups Solo is geared for the sole entrepreneur offering all that the Startups + Package offers, but without the shareholders agreement.
  • Various packages are also available for the registration of Canadian and international trademarks and the maintenance of same.
  • And much more…

The Strategic follow-ups are a key component in our program. These allow you to meet our attorneys on a regular basis to review your business strategies, so you don’t lose the forest for the trees. These meetings can either take place at our offices, yours or wherever our counsel is required.