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How to deal with the mask requirement and the medical conditions exemption ? A merchant’s perspective.
Based on recent consultations with our clients, one of these justifications appears to be particularly problematic. What should a retailer do when a c…
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Annual general meetings for not-for-profit (and non-profit) organizations during COVID-19
Normally, the AGM must be held within a certain time frame provided in the law and in the by-laws of a NPO. To this day, some NPOs still need to hold …
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Quarantine Act for travellers
The Canadian Quarantine Act and its consequences for directors and officers in the COVID-19 era 
Slowly but surely, various governments are relaxing COVID-19 related measures. However, we are not there yet. Domestic corporations, foreign s…
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New Requirements for Your Federal Corporation as of June 2019!
As of June 13, 2019, any private corporation incorporated under the Canada Business Corporations Act will have to comply with new standards designed t…
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